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The Art of Unlearning

Today I want to broach a topic which has also been part of this season of my life. Learning to unlearn. We live in an age where learning is the only path to success. Books, and exams are shoved down our little throats from the moment we know how to write our names. Knowledge is handed to […]

We Will Rule! – Mwanga Interview

Hey fam! Today we have slightly different type of post…. A music band takeover if you will? It was an honour interviewing the minds behind this beautiful ministry, so without further a due please welcome… Teren teren… Mwanga Band!!! Who are you?  Mwanga is an independent worship team based in Nairobi, Kenya. Led by Charles […]

15 Lessons from 2015; Part 2

15 LESSONS FROM 2015 PART 2 Screw what other people think. Forgive my French, I’m not the type of girl who swears but I want to get my point across. This is my twentieth year on this earth and one of the biggest lessons I have learned in that time and am still learning is […]

15 Lessons from 2015; Part 1

To 2016 It’s a new year and I’ve been wondering when and what my first post would be. I wanted to start with something special and not just random musings. I finally got the inspiration yesterday when my friend sent me the link to this blog post Sixteen Pieces or Real Advice for 2016. I loved […]

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