15 Lessons from 2015; Part 1


To 2016

It’s a new year and I’ve been wondering when and what my first post would be. I wanted to start with something special and not just random musings. I finally got the inspiration yesterday when my friend sent me the link to this blog post Sixteen Pieces or Real Advice for 2016. I loved it and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

So as I start this year here are a few lessons I carry with me.

  1. Close doors and cut ties. A friend of mine told me two days ago on a phone call that she is not ready to be in 2016 because she still has open wounds and unpacked baggage from 2015. She said, “I can’t live in this year unless I’ve closed last year’s chapter.” This made me think about all the experiences, good and bad that I went through last year.

We are so quick to jump into New Year’s resolutions, a new you, and a new drawing board, we forget that a construction cannot be built up from the ground without demolishing whatever was previously there.

Even if that means taking a week off to truly reflect on the hurts and pain from 2015 and physically writing them down on a piece of paper and burning it. Praying about it, talking about it, or taking an extra-long walk, do whatever it takes but don’t bring the past into your present because it will limit the possibilities of your future.


  1. It’s okay to be hurt. I’m the type of person to say, “Ohh my problems are so petty, there are other people going through so much worse.” It doesn’t matter how small your issues are if they affect you, you need to process them. Grieve your losses, whatever they may be, the loss of a relationship, opportunity, person, or thing. Cry your little heart out if it will help darling. You can’t heal if you don’t admit you are hurting, and the hard truth is you are useless to other people when you have open wounds.


  1. Give, give, give, but never receive is wrong. I learned the hard way that you become empty when you are giving so much of yourself away, and not having any source of sustenance for yourself. I love the analogy of two glasses of water that are both filled to the brim. The first glass pours water out and eventually runs dry, the second glass, however receives water from a jug. The glass is already full so the water flows from the jug into the cup and overflows, spilling all around it. This glass can’t run dry because it is always receiving. It has a continuous source. Listen carefully as I repeat myself, you can’t give when you are empty. Find a place to receive.


  1. People disappoint you; you will disappoint people. You want the God-honest truth? A person cannot be put on a pedestal because people are flawed creatures. From the above point, God is my source. I fell in love with this quote last year. God is the only self-sufficient, self-existent, all-knowing, all-powerful being who needs nothing and lacks nothing because He is the originator of everything. And this, “He loves every human being as if they were the single, only most important being.” So last year I tried satisfying my hunger to be loved with people but it didn’t work, I was disappointed. i gave of myself but i was empty so I disappointed people. I now would rather look for my source of love in one who loved me enough to think me into existence and then to tattoo my name on His palm. *Isaiah 49:16*


  1. Now that we are talking about this let me just put it out there. Being a Christian doesn’t mean life won’t suck sometimes. Honey let me just tell you right now, life can be a witch. It is filled with highs and lows for everyone, places of hurt and places of joy. I doubted and questioned a lot about God last year, about His nature and his very existence, but the one thing that stuck with me was that, “Doubt is not the opposite of faith but part of its intricate design. You can’t claim to have Faith if there is no room for doubt.”


  1. Rest in your God. Even when it seems like your life is literally the very definition of hell, He says, “Bring it to me, let me take care of it.” *Matthew 11:28-30* my tattoo says Let go, Let God because it was a lesson that I was and am continually learning. When things get tricky this year just whisper to Him “I surrender, I can’t do it alone. I literally am giving it up to you completely to figure it out for me.”


  1. It’s okay to not know; focus on what you do know. What is this pressure to always know? To know what you want to study, where you want to study, where you’ll be in five years, who you want to marry, how to get perfect grades, how to get the perfect job! Sheesh, sometimes you don’t know and that is fine! Sometimes you don’t need a perfect plan. Just love, laugh, and live your life in the moments and the details. Don’t miss the present trying to figure out what the future holds.


This ended up being longer than expected so I will write part 2… err… soon.

Please comment below if you have any valid points you would like me to share or quotes that inspire you from 2015, and share if you think it’s something someone needs to hear… Happy 2016 though. May your dreams and desires for this year come to pass and even exceed the very bar of your expectations my loves.

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