15 Lessons from 2015; Part 2



  1. Screw what other people think. Forgive my French, I’m not the type of girl who swears but I want to get my point across. This is my twentieth year on this earth and one of the biggest lessons I have learned in that time and am still learning is living for other people’s approval is a self-made prison. Last year especially I learned that we all have a fear of rejection, of being the outsider, and I for one don’t want to live my life in that little box of fear. I actually did a post on How to get over your Fear of Social Rejection. And this year one of my goals is to do the 100 Days of Rejection Therapy challenge.
  2. Don’t settle for mediocre in the things you love. Learn to be exceptional. Be the best in that area that you possibly can. If something isn’t worth your time, then don’t waste your time on it.
  3. Don’t just say, DO! Last year I kept saying how I would start carrying a sandwich or two in my bag every time I went to, or passed through town and I would share with some of the homeless people I met along the way. I never got around to doing it. Then this year I read about a man who, inspired by Humans of New York, started a similar project called Homeless of Nairobi and he has helped dozens of homeless people get sponsored through his pictures and interviews. This story was incredibly challenging for me because he didn’t just talk about it, he did something.
  4. Explore new interests. No one ever grows in their comfort zone. When someone talks about something you have no knowledge of whatsoever, go research, and read into it. You might discover a love for something you never ever expected, and it makes you feel less like a loser when there is a conversation going on and you actually have a valid point to give. I recently discovered an interest in African Leadership, politics, and economics. I’m still a baby in discovering the facts and how it all works but I don’t shove it off as boring politics as I used to.
  5.  Know that the world is bigger than you. I became intrigued by the patterns of Kenyan and African Leadership recently because I realized the decisions made for my country and continent will either benefit or take advantage of my people, and to not care whatsoever would be incredibly selfish. It’s like knowing the potential of a flower to bloom yet not watering it or feeding it and instead sit comfortably watching it wither away into the dust.
  6. Intelligent conversation, heart, and character are way more attractive than physical appearance. Honestly I experienced this first hand last year. There was a super fine boy that I had conversations with but they were so dry and not interesting at all. I got tired. Then I started talking to a friend of mine, a guy and we would have the most interesting conversations for hours. Conversations about books, movies, travel, life, people. It was amazing because you feel mentally challenged by the topics of discussion at the end of it. I keep saying the thing I’ll find most attractive in my future husband is to have is a heart for Jesus, a heart for others, and a heart for me… Who you are is more attractive than how you look.
  7. Be open minded in your friendships. Make friends with people from a different culture, lifestyle, and/or religion. This opens your eyes to understanding their people and them as a person without judging. Our call is to love; we can’t do that if we judge people before we even get to know them.
  8. Finally one of the biggest lessons I learned last year was to love myself, and to teach other people to love themselves. The greatest commandment in the Bible and the golden rule are similar. First love God with all of you. Then love others AS you love YOURSELF, or do to others what you would like them to do to you. My theory is you have to love yourself to be able to fully love others. You can’t treat yourself like a piece of garbage because the way you love yourself should set the bar for how you love others. That is the reason I started my Defining Beauty mini-movement, and I am confident you will join me as I explore it further in the course of this year.


Well that’s it for my 15 from 2015. You can read part one here 15 Lessons from 2015; Part 1 I hope they resonated with some of you. I was planning on doing this earlier but my grandma passed away last weekend so this week has been kind of tricky. I will however try to be better. Her funeral is this Saturday so prayers are much appreciated but for now bye my loves…

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