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To be African is to capture the spirit of Ubuntu and Umoja amidst a world that is increasingly becoming individualized.

To be black is to be fiercely comfortable with your melanin amidst a world that does everything in it’s power to convince you it is the color of sin.

To be woman is to sway hips and love thyself amidst a world that constantly thrusts you between the two extremes of objectification and underestimation.

To have faith is to have space to doubt. It would not be faith without doubt.

To be Story teller is to be observer of people and emotions, to feel pain that is not yours, to celebrate joy you may never have experienced, to love fiercely with heart on sleeve in order to find the story worth telling. Then to remember every story is worth telling.

To be all the above and alive requires balls, and heart, and humor. To Live. To Love. To Laugh.

More on Me

I just started ‘the twenties.‘ I am constantly learning and unlearning. My university English Literature with a passion for African studies. I want to speak for those who have been taught to let their words get trapped between their hearts and their tongues. Give me a snickers chocolate bar, a cup of frozen yogurt with toppings, or a thought through breakfast at dinner time meal any day and I will marry you. I’m very easy to impress. 

Even More

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I tell stories but I also write other articles as a freelancer *for money, because the hustling college life fam.*  

I have been interviewed on a local station on colorism. Ask me about the topic and I will go into a two minute rant about the stupidity of colorism being acquitted to preference and its roots being founded in colonialism.

I have also been interviewed and asked to perform spoken words live a few times. I get stage fright every.single.time.

One of my biggest regrets (I blame my parents) is not being able to speak my mother tongue, Kikuyu.

I love to sing.

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