Red Roses Letter 2; Dear Man I’ll fall in love with

I found this while I was reading the Set Apart Girl blog by Leslie Ludy yesterday and i felt like it resonated with our letters of the month. So allow me to share before we move on to today’s anonymous letter.

“There are lots of ‘Christian’ guys out there. guys who profess Christ but allow self to reign and rule in their lives. Just because a guy is friendly, clean cut, and church-going doesn’t mean that he s truly a godly man worthy of your heart. All too many young women lower their standards out of desperation- thinking that if they don’t snag the one guy who is at least somewhat better than the rest, they will end up alone.

But this attitude demonstrates a luck of trust in God’s love for you and perfect plan for your life. If you chose to give Him the pen and allow Him to script your story, you won’t need to strive or manipulate in order to make romance happen- He will bring the perfect guy into your life in His own perfect time and way.

He is more interested of this area of your life being beautiful than even you are.”

Leslie Ludy.

Now onto the anonymous Letter, enjoy.

Dear Man Who I’m Going To Fall In Love With

I get goosebumps just thinking about all the memories we’ll share

Both the highs and the lows that life has to offer

The pictures that’ll be too embarrassing to upload

Late nights spent on phone with each other

I look forward to it all


I pray that you will feel free to tell me anything

That I’ll be both your lover and friend

That when you fall short of my expectations it’ll all be forgotten with a “Babe I’m sorry” (only if it’s sincere though 😛 )

That we’ll know each other so well that we’ll be able to order food for the other off a menu without a doubt that the person will love whatever we order


And finally I hope that you will be someone I will feel safe around

Someone whose hugs will drown all my doubts because I know “I’m his girl”

Someone whom I can trust

Someone whom I will love wholesomely.

From a girl who is waiting”

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