Red Roses Letter 3; To He Who got rid of my Cooties

This is the third anonymously written letter in the Red Roses series, enjoy…

To My First:

I was only 11 years old when I met you and because you were two classes ahead of me I knew you were not to be talked to at all. You were a big boy and I thought it was “bad manners” to talk to a big boy because I was terrified at the thought that talking to a big boy would get you pregnant!

Time moved on and I switched schools but guess who came following me in the same school, you! And to my surprise we ended up in the same class because of the system of education. But in my head I still knew you were off limits.

On the eve of my 13th Birthday you sent my brother home with a letter for me, describing how beautiful I am to you and even quoting the Bible to add spice. I knew this was love because no man who isn’t a relative had ever told me such things. I read that letter more than 20 times that day and the next and the next until you sent my brother home with another letter asking me if I could dance and you would love to take me to dance.

I was on cloud 25/10! I believed this was the “love” they talked about in movies. The next day in school was very awkward because you acted like it was not you who sent the letter and you didn’t say a word to me. But during break as we played in the big field, you walked up to me and held my hand. I knew then that, all the folkstales were true and I was probably pregnant, lol!

You asked me to be your girlfriend and I had no hesitation. We began the love journey that went on for 9 years. The chaos begun when I traveled out of the country for 2 weeks. We had only dated for 8 months but when I came back you were with someone else. That was my first heart break. And I called the relationship off but you made my life a living hell. Every guy in school I was interested in, you managed to have an argument with them that really made no sense. And you made sure you hurt me by dating most of my close friends and making out with them in front of me.

It took me a while to get over you but I finally did, though the bitter taste of hatred for you in my heart and lips seemed not to ease. Every time someone said your name I would literally almost throw up in disgust.

And now, nine years later you call and text still asking for forgiveness and wanting to get back with me. After walking around with almost every girl in town you now want me? I am not saying I am perfect but I deserve better. There will never ever be me and you ever again!

Oh wait what’s that story I heard from your friend? Apparently, you have a heart condition that you got after we broke up and all these years you have never told me and now it comes out. I cannot explain how I felt that day. Mixed emotions is the best description. I don’t know what I feel for or towards you anymore. Thank you for destabilizing my heart. Note the sarcasm.

To My First Love with mixed emotions.

Hey loves, hope you enjoyed this letter. I loved it because it was a bit like story time but also very open

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