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How To On Being Woman
21 Lessons for Adulting
September 15, 2017
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20. Create! Create!! Just create. Even if it is not perfect. Even if it makes no sense. Even if it is jumbled up into a thousand unfinished pieces. Even if it is not coherent. Even if it is not as beautiful to you as another person's version of it. Simply create. This is is hard because it requires you to give up perfectionism. But it is worth it because you create for you not for them.
On Being African Stories Travel
The Island Pt. 2: On Privilege and Wokeness
June 7, 2017
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Are you a feminist?" I couldn't help but ask this fourteen year old child before she responded without taking a breathe, "definitely".  All I can think about now is how when I was fourteen I was probably only thinking about the struggles in my life. 
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