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The Island Slave Girl Pt. 1 (Short Story) … 
June 13, 2017
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... Some Sultans even had Surias from across the sea.  Not across the short sea to the mainland where she had come from. Not the mainland of brown and dust and wind and trees. Not women with skin the color of the ground. These Surias, instead, had the complexions of creamy milk. They were from across the long sea, their eyes varying shades of blue, green, and grey. They were the most prized. Only the richest Sultans could afford to buy and keep them. The slave girl had heard a mama in the meli saying,  "Some men would sell a part of Africa's soul for a milk colored Suria."  What did it matter. In the end women were for the same use. With skin like milk or skin like dirt.
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The Island Pt. 3: On Toxic Freedom 
June 10, 2017
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I went to the slave market for a day... 150 years ago, it would have been me shackled. Brought from the mainland. Walking, hands and feet bound, feet scalding, men who look like me with whips in their hands screaming at me to move. These tombs would have captured me, not as a tourist site but as a prison.
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